Service & Therapy Animals

Cash Cares has service and therapy animals that will bring happy times and smiles to those that love animals. Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, Miniature Horses and more. Below we are featuring a few of beautiful animals that help people relax, unwind and enjoy these incredible living things.


Ace Therapy Dog 

Meet Ace, he is a brussels griffon that weights approx 7lbs. He is super friendly and loves to kiss (lick) and play with everyone. He was born Jan 16th, 2016 and loves people. His hobbies are playing with his dog toys, relaxing on the sofa, cuddling and playing soccer.

Herc Therapy Dog

Hi my name is Herc short for Hercules. I am a male Maltese and only weight 9lbs. I love kids!!! My favorite things to do are taking walks, eating bones, digging and playing with kids. 



miniature Horses

This is one of the many animals we work with. Please let us know what type of animal would help your cause. We love animals and love to bring them to events, hospitals any more for others to enjoy.