Mission Statement

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It all started when...

my older sister started a charity and made bracelets at my soccer games. I could not believe how much money she raised to donate to cancer research. I also realized that we are lucky to have cool nice things and want to share them with other kids.

We decided together to start a charity to see how much we can raise to help people in need. We are excited to learn about charities and how we can continue to learn how to raise donations to help people.

More About Cash Cares

Cash Cares is an original concept created in the mind of an 8 year old boy and his 12 year old sister who wanted to help change the world. Cash and Hannah wanted to start a charity for under privileged children after realizing how privileged they are. They are fortunate enough to have access to luxury things from cars, homes and more. Together, they want share the enjoyment of these luxurious things with those that do not have the opportunity.

Cash & Hannah are doing their part to connect with other individuals around the world to assist those in need. Every dollar donated to Cash Cares will help us to bring happiness to children around the world. We will bring food, clothing, emotional support, and education to children from all walks of life.