Ace the Perfect Therapy Dog for you

      I think that my dog Ace would make an amazing emotional support dog for three reasons. One, he knows when you are sad. Two, he will snuggle with you. Three, he will stay with you until you are better. I know these things because whenever I am sad he does them.
     All of my friends and family love my dog ace. One of my friends even said that she would trade her own dog for him. He is a emotional support dog for me, my friends, and my family. My grandfather had a double knee replacement and he still puts his knees down on the ground to play with Ace. Ace makes him forget how sensitive his knees are, it is almost as if Ace takes away the pain.

Occasionally I will have a bad day at school or just in general be upset about something. Every time that happens my dog is always there for me.


I walk in to my room with a frown, and by the time I walk out of my room there always a smile on my face. My dog helps me all the time and I know he can help others too.

Ryan Safady