Breast Cancer Awareness: Supporting a Friend

I recently found out that my friends mom has breast cancer.  We play on the same travel soccer team. Her father is also one of the coaches and is so nice. I feel so bad for what her and her family are going through. My grandmother battled with colon cancer for many years and it was so hard for us to go through. I could only imagine how hard it would be if it was my mother. 

I wanted to do something special to show my friend and her family how much we care and support them. I asked my mom what we could do. Together we decided to buy breast cancer awareness soccer socks for the team. We can wear these socks each and every game to show our support for her and her family.  


Check back here as I will be posting a pictures of my Soccer Team wearing the socks. I want to do more to help and bring awareness to this horrible sickness.


Ryan Safady